How may we help you?

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How may we help you?

Your resource center for a peaceful and happy life

Did you get a small break from your fixed, stressful routine and have some time for exploring something that is truly useful and can be a life-changing experience? Mercy4Humanity is a place we invite you to for this reason.

 You can call it a resource center, a virtual library, a portal, or a website that would give you a new perspective on your life, show you an alternate vision, and help you save yourself and your loved ones from problems and troubles both here and in the hereafter.

 At Mercy4Humanity site, we have essential booklets and resources that you can use yourself or use as gift items to your friends and visitors to your place of work or school who might be interested to know about the truthful and happy life that is possible with very few small and easy steps.

 Interesting concept-clearing articles on time-management, power of faith, and the propagation of peace and love on the planet are available for you to read and share. We have beautiful charts and posters that you can print and put in a place where you will often get a chance to look at them and get inspiration. Finally, we have pdf books on powerful topics such as prayers, worship, and propagation of peace and love that you would find of immense value. For those interested in listening to our weekly classes on these topics, we have a section for that too.

Also, there are several misconceptions about faith, purpose of life and religion in recent times. Here are resources on beauty of faith, trust and reliance  on Allah – essential guidance for everyone to learn and share with others.

 Please bookmark it in your browser for easy access later. You may also subscribe to our free newsletter to stay updated on new contents that we post on the site. We would love to hear back from you.