Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) said: “There are two bounties or gifts from Allah in which many among mankind incur loss. They are good health and free time”.  [Bukhari]
Let us focus on free time
The secret of successful people lies in their proper time management and will power. Other things of this world such as wealth, children, home, health, happiness and sadness, are distributed among people such that some get more and some get less. However, everyone is given 24 hours equally each day. Time is like a sword: either you cut it into pieces or it will cut you into pieces! Time that has passed is like a dead person in the grave. No matter how much you cry, it will not come back! To waste time is more dangerous than death, because the person who wastes time becomes deprived of the highest levels of Paradise. In one day, there are 1440 minutes. Every year has approximately half million (500,000) minutes and 60 years have 30 million (30,000,000) minutes. Every minute is like a gold coin. How many of these coins did we send ahead to decorate our Hereafter and Paradise, and how many coins did we throw away in useless pursuits so that we went empty handed to our grave?
Three Phases of Life
Past: Repentance, asking forgiveness – may clean up past mistakes. Present: With patience and gratitude, run towards good deeds. Future: Make high intentions, and pray to Allah for protection from worries and anxieties. Do not postpone today’s work to tomorrow. If it is morning, do not wait for the evening, and if it is evening, do not wait for the next morning. Be always ready to extract the value from time. The key to every good fortune is to be ready and be prepared for it. The life of this world is very valuable. However, it is like an examination hall, where a human being may face difficulties such as mischief, dishonesty, sickness, sorrow, losing a job or losing money in a business or investment, etc. These are all tests, and the one who remains steadfast and keeps working towards one’s goal, may achieve a very big reward. There is blessing in deeds that are done during early morning. So, begin each day with prayers, reading Quran, supplications and remembrance of Allah. Complete important work from morning to afternoon. Take good rest, all prayers on time, exercise and take care of family needs. This world is a temporary place (like a hotel) in which people stay for an average age (for example, between 60 to 70 years). Take care of the hotel’s rent in advance. Every day, allocate time for your meals, prayers, rest, and sleep. Schedule your calendar in advance and take care of the worldly needs before those become urgent.
Remembrance of Allah every moment!
The Prophet (peace be upon him) remembered Allah every moment and at all times, and was always busy in meditation.  Nothing could hold him back form the contemplation of Allah.  Every thing he said would be in remembrance of Allah, mentioning about Paradise and Hell, to encourage the desire to do good and excite fear of the consequences of evil deeds – all this was in remembrance of Allah.  His every breath, every movement of his heart and tongue, his sitting down and getting up, his standing and his lying down, his moving about, his walking, his riding, his travelling and his staying, his eating, drinking, and smelling – no act, aspect, or circumstance of his life but had the contemplation of Allah inherent in it, whatever its mode might be. From the time the Prophet (peace be upon him) woke up for late night/ early morning prayer to the time of going to bed (next night), at all times and moments, in all conditions and circumstances, in every practice and behavior, he used to recite (short) prayers.  These supplications comprehend all purposes and human needs.  He also taught prayers for specific purposes and needs. [Reference: The Ways of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) by Dr. Abdul Hai Aarfi] A blessed life includes guidance and wellbeing (peace and safety, long life with good health, and easy sustenance), happiness and tranquility (protection from disappointment, sorrow and anxiety). It is obtained only from the treasures of Allah. Make a noble vision for your life achievements, and in accordance, make effort every day. This may include inviting towards good (teaching the purpose of life), purity of heart, and service to humanity. You should leave useless and irrelevant activities, and remove all things that bring worry and fear from your schedule.  Be happy with doing the necessary work and tasks. Make a weekly and monthly schedule. Prepare separate lists for important and urgent work, and remove useless tasks away. Every day make your own self-assessment to evaluate what you gained and how much time you lost. The result from all the inventions and technological progress achieved in modern society, should have been that all mankind, whether rich or poor, would be able to complete their necessary work (employment, farming, manufacturing, business etc.) in less time (for example, one fourth of their day). They could then spend proper time for their health, rest and personal needs, and taking care of family.  After fulfilling the compulsory duties, they may devote their time to prepare for the Hereafter. Unfortunately, however, this did not happen. In the past centuries, food would be cooked using wood and coal. People would ride on camels.  It would take several months to travel across continents.  Today, we have modern kitchens for cooking, and modern cars, ships and airplanes for travel.  Then where did we waste the thousands of hours saved above?
Waste of time and intellect
This includes incorrect use of resources and time, running after lust and desires, exceeding limits in luxury lifestyle and enjoyments, engaging in useless and irrelevant things, gossips, quarrels, show off and debates.  According to an estimate (in 2016), one fourth of the world human population spends a total of nearly 40,000 years every day on social media sites! One day in the Hereafter will be equivalent to 50,000 years of this world, where the people will be standing with embarrassment, drowning in their own sweat. This is a situation to derive lessons from. The more time and attention we spend on smart phones, web surfing, social media and visual entertainment, the less quality time we will have for high vision tasks like learning the purpose of life, serving parents and family, inviting others to the truth, purity of heart, research and inventions, helping the poor and needy, service to humanity, the Quran, remembrance of Allah and supplications, and may end up neglecting them.
Time in the Hereafter 
The life Hereafter is eternal and forever.  In the Hereafter, if someone asks us how long did you stay in the worldly life, our 70 years of this planet’s life would seem like a morning or an evening. When people realize and understand the true value of time, then even the head of a big company sometimes retire early, and a king would give away his kingdom and attach himself to Allah’s remembrance.  On the Day of Judgment, a believer will wish that he had spent his entire life in prostration to Allah. The constraints of time are special limits of this world.  In Paradise, there will be no time constraints.  There, one could spend 20,000 years enjoying in one garden, or 50,000 years enjoying the luxurious living in one palace, as though the clock, the sun and the calendar have been stopped from moving!  A+ students who prepared with time-management – to write their worldly exams carefully, with patience and steadfastness, may now enjoy the result and achievements forever!

Good Deeds For Humanity