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About Us

We are volunteers in the community who understand that there is a need to educate people about prayers, supplications, faith and spiritual learning. Our goal is to educate people to produce better believers, law-abiding responsible citizens with high morals and characters living peacefully in society as community members having strong faith, performing good deeds, and having a sense of accountability. 

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We understand that the name of our website, mercy4humanity.org, may sound similar to other websites, such as mercyforhumanity.com and mercytohumanity.org.uk. We would like to clarify that our website, mercy4humanity.org, is an independent educational platform and is in no way associated with, affiliated with, or endorsed by mercyforhumanity.com, mercytohumanity.org.uk, or any of their respective activities or content.

Our goal at mercy4humanity.org is to provide educational resources and promote open discussions on a variety of topics. This site is not engaged in any form of political or evangelical work. This site is not seeking any donations. Any resemblance in our name to other websites is purely coincidental and should not be interpreted as a connection or endorsement of their content or mission. Please feel free to explore our website and engage with the educational materials provided. If you have any questions or concerns about our mission or content, do not hesitate to contact us Mercy4Humanity Contact Us .


Thank you for your understanding and support.