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Morality for Humanity

Human being is a collection of body, rational mind, heart and soul.  To fulfil the needs and wants of body, there are thousands of resources for food, shelter, clothing, gym/sports/exercise, shopping, physical cleanliness/hygiene, hospitals, entertainment and socialization.  To train the mind on science and technology, arts and crafts, business and commerce – there are numerous institutions and thousands of courses around the globe.  Now considering evil deeds, crimes, abuse, breakup of family-relations and generic corruption in society, there is a big need to reform the heart and soul

A little candle in this space – here is an outline of morality for humanity – to learn honesty, trustworthiness, sincerity, correct intention, patience, truthfulness, piety, righteousness, reliance, uprightness, steadfastness, motivation for good deeds, obedience, courtesy, politeness, tolerance, kindness, diversity, modesty, moderation, simplicity, repentance, forgiveness, selflessness, charity, community services, supplications, devotions, fear of accountability, strong belief and positive attitude towards humanity.

We need lessons on character building, faith, and spirituality – learning from books of virtues, the purpose of life, and multi-cultural communities – studying role models in human history – stories of prophets and pious predecessors, manners and etiquettes, simple and humble lifestyle.  The learning objectives include how to increase faith, motivation for good deeds, love and care for humanity, compassion and mercy for young and old in family and community, a sense of accountability in deeds and words, the spirit of sacrifice for fellow human beings, sincerity and purification of heart (cure for arrogance, jealousy, greed, malice, show-off), devotion in worship, time management (avoiding useless tasks) to become more productive in daily life, sharing a message of peace and obedience, becoming an ideal-human being, developing a concern how every human being can achieve success in this life and Hereafter

Our goal is to educate people to produce better believers, law-abiding responsible citizens with high morals and characters living peacefully in society as community members having strong faith, performing good deeds, and having a sense of accountability. We welcome your feedback, Thank you!

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