Loving and Merciful Lord

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Loving and Merciful Lord

    • The Creator, the Evolver and Sustainer of all that exists!

    • The Most Gracious and the Most Kind,

    • The Almighty and the Most Powerful,

    • The Eternal and Everlasting,

    • The All-Knowing, All-Seeing and Ever-listening,

    • The Unique and Incomparable

    • The Highest and the Most Exalted,

    • The Most Beneficent, and Most Forgiving,

    • The Most Generous and the Most Gracious

    • Truly, Allah is full of Bounty to mankind, yet most of mankind give no thanks.”  [The Holy Quran, 40:61]

    • “And to Allah belong the best names, so invoke Him by them”[The Holy Quran, 7:180]

 Allah’s name is very blessed, and His Glory is most high. All the complete and remarkable attributes are possessed by Allah

      • Awe, Beauty, Knowledge, Treasures, Capability, Kingship, Freedom from want or need, Eternal, Power, Mercy, Generosity, are all in the One Being that is Allah.
      • Look up to Allah, Who looks after you. Keep facing Allah, Who is in front of you. Love Allah, Who loves you. Obey Allah, Who invites you. Give your hand to Allah, Who saves you from a fall…Loving hearts, spiritual contentment, forgiveness and mercy, are all from Allah. 

      • Allah is Eternal, the Supreme, All Mighty, All Wise, All Powerful, Absolutely Just, Totally Merciful, Most Beneficent, All Loving, All Compassionate, All Gracious and All Forgiving.

      • Whatever has happened in the past, whatever is happening now and whatever is going to happen in future – that is all in the complete control of Allah alone.  He is One, worthy of all worship and He has no partners. Time and space belong to Him and the past, present and future is all in His supreme knowledge and control.

      • The entire universe exists because of the remembrance of Allah.

      • He is the Creator and Sustainer of all men, jinn, animals, birds, fish, plants, moving creatures and forms of life in the universe.

      • He removes difficult circumstances afflicting His servants by His Power. He is more compassionate and loving than seventy mothers.

      • He puts the thought into one’s heart before one asks Him. And He may accept the request before it is presented.

      • Allah is even closer to man than his jugular vein. 

      • Whoever straightens his affair with Allah, his affair with all creation becomes straight.

      • Allah removes sufferings in response to the cry and supplication of the poor, destitute, handicapped, and helpless.

      • When a ship starts to sink, an airplane begins to fall, the earth starts shaking, flood and high winds or hurricane arrive, the condition of the patient in the hospital becomes critical, when all instruments of science and technology and the human experience and intellect become overwhelmed and helpless, at this time all humanity cry out only to the one Allah. For, it is only He who can change the impossible to the possible!

    O Lord of the worlds! O the Creator of all the living beings, and the Light of the Heavens and the earth! we beseech you to Grant Guidance and Mercy to all living beings that may exist within the vast Universe, including those who may exist where our sight cannot reach them, nor human mind can comprehend their forms and nature, and where human beings cannot reach even after travelling billions of years through countless galaxies and stars that reside in them, in the vastness of space, and in the different visible and hidden systems that You have established in this world and in the Hereafter. Ameen!

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