Prayer for Humanity

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Prayer for Humanity

O Allah ! You are the Most Gracious and the Most Kind,

O Allah ! You are the Almighty and the Most Powerful,

O Allah ! You are Eternal and Everlasting,

O Allah ! the All-Knowing, All-Seeing and Ever-listening,

O Allah ! You are the Highest and the Most Exalted,

O Allah ! You are the Light of the heavens of the earth,

O Allah ! You are the Most Beneficent, and Most Forgiving,

O Allah ! You have the most beautiful names. 

O Allah ! we are needy, we are weak, we are poor, we are sinners and we have shortcomings. 

O Allah ! Give us peace and Guide us all to the straight path!

O Allah! Bless all the believers who are seeking true faith and a righteous life

Bless them with the light of Quran

Grant them excellence of patience and gratitude, protect their hearts, eyes and tongues from sins and mistakes

Make them merciful over the creation, forgiving and serving others with love and care

Clean their hearts from jealousy, arrogance, love of name and fame, greed, show-off, anger and malice

Make them ideal human beings, best of the creation, preparing for life hereafter

Bless them with great intention, will-power, simplicity, spirit of sacrifice, courage and dedication

Bless them with true knowledge, and use them like sunshine and clouds to spread good on the planet

Bless them with experience, wisdom, steadfastness and happiness in their lives and careers

Bless them with true guidance and well-being in this world, shade of Your Mercy on the Day of Judgment, forgiveness and high ranks of paradise

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