A Mind Map

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A Mind Map

Interconnected activities and guidelines to achieve true happiness in life

Building relationships – Creator

Beliefs – learning about 

Understanding global miseries

Caring for others

Eliminating worries – Trust & reliance

Performing mandatory worships

Reaching out to others

Managing your time

Practicing greater intents

Reviewing intents

Building relationships – Family

Performing additional worships

Reaching out to teachers

Removing time sponges

Ideal human character – learning

Repairing bad relationships

For those short on time, the above sixteen (16) boxes represent an interconnected web or mind map of activities or guidelines that one can follow to start their journey from the current state of disorganized life patterns towards peace, tranquility, and true happiness in their lives.

When incorporated in our daily life, the above pointers will propel your state of mind into increasing peace and happiness as these principles are drawn on the eternal truths and teachings received from the Holy Prophet Muhammad  (peace be upon him) that help us follow the commands and desires of the Creator of this universe.

We suggest you start by learning about beliefs which will guide you towards starting to know the Creator and the Prophet. You’d know how the Creator has
unlimited treasures that could be obtained by following the straight path and exemplary life of the Holy Prophet
. With the Creator on your side, you would be able to start eliminating the worries in your life. This will be easy when we start reachingout to teachers who would help us realize details of what is permissible and what isn’t. This will also help you review your intentions in daily life and help you practice noble intentions by a slight effort of mindful contemplation before you start any work or activity. You would start learning about obligatory and non-obligatory worships and carrying them out. For this, you would probably need to have enough time which you would gain by removingthe time sponges from your current life and doing better time management. Time thus gained would be put to use in building your relationships with the Creator and with your own family. This will help you understand why caring for others is such an important act for any human.

Equipped with better understanding of the beliefs, worship acts, and great intentions, you would understand the global widespread miseries on the planet.
Thus, you can start
reaching out to others showing them the same light of the blessed way which has given you the peace and tranquility. Your exposure and experience in this domain will help you go back and fix and heal your bad relationships and thus increase your circle of happy and faithful friends and
supporters all of whom are in the joint journey of eternal success both here and in the hereafter.