Prayer from the Heart

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Prayer from the Heart

Dua Salikeen

Supplications for all believers around the globe

 In the name of Allah, the Merciful

Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds 

O God, O Most Merciful, O Generous, O Most Merciful of the merciful

O Living, O Sustainer, O Possessor of Majesty and Honor 

Everlasting Peace and blessings – which are in the knowledge of Allah – be upon our master Muhammad

Everyone is in need of success and goodness. Dua (supplication) is the essence of worship, the light of the heavens and the earth. It opens the doors of mercy and is a means to fulfill our needs from the treasures of our Creator and Sustainer.


·         Ya Allah! Make all disbelievers believers, make all believers pious believers

Allah’s Forgiveness (Maghfirah)

·         Ya Allah! Forgive all the believing men, women, and jinn, those who are alive in this world, those who have died and those who will be born till the establishment of the Hereafter.


·         Ya Allah! As many creatures are praying, the prayers that have been done in the past, and the prayers that are going to be prayed in the future until the Day of Judgment, accept all these prayers of all the worlds and creatures on our behalf.

Mercy and Blessing

·         Ya Allah, wherever all over the world, Your blessings and mercy are descending – around Haramain Sharifain (Holy Cities of Makkah and Madinah), mosques, Ramadan, Hajj, gatherings of knowledge and remembrance, in the path of Allah, in the late hours of the night – we are not worthy of those blessings, but we are all needy. You are the most generous, please grant all of those blessings to us as well.

Protection and health

·         May Allah grant constant peace and security in our entire life of the world – against thieves, robbers, spies, magic, accidents, problems, diseases, sickness, storms, floods, fire, earthquakes, and all forms of punishment – we seek continuous refuge from those for lifetime. Remove the evil of all creatures away from us.

Easy Sustenance

·         Oh God! Increase the outward and inward sustenance. Give us a blessed life (Hayat e Tayyaba). Fulfill all our basic necessities, work and religious needs with Your own help. Remove all hardships and difficulties from daily tasks.

Winds of guidance / Marufat (Good Deeds)

·         Ya Allah! All over the world, good deeds and Sunnahs are being erased, please revive those

Removal of Evil Deeds

·         Ya Allah, remove all the evil deeds, indecency, sins and disgraces that are happening all over the world.

Universal Virtues

·         Ya Allah! As many good deeds are being done all over the world, as many people are spreading the religion in Your way, as many people are engaged in studying religion, as many people are working hard for reforming and purifying themselves, as many people are trying to serve the humanity, as many new Muslims are coming to the religion, and as many people are changing their lives by reverting from sins and ills – O Allah accept from them and give them all Your mercy, peace and blessings. Enable us to do similar good deeds.

The Most Truthful Friends of Allah

·         Ya Allah, open the path of Your pleasure upon us, teach us the best way of life, help us from Your unseen treasures, grant us steadfastness, grant the ability to remain in perpetual remembrance of you, admit us among Your thankful servants. Give us continuous high intentions, gratitude and continuous prayers.

·         Ya Allah! Grant us the success of following the Sunnah, of keeping it alive, grant it in our lives and death, and grant us a blessed end. Ameen

·         Ya Allah! Raise us to the lofty stations of Truthful Friends of Allah, grant us their blessed company in this world and Hereafter, and eternal living among them. Ameen

Cleansing of the Inner-Self

·         Ya Allah, give us noble qualities of love, sincerity, honor, modesty, strong faith, monotheism, trust, reliance, piety, patience and gratitude. Clean our hearts from arrogance, pride, greed, mistrust, doubt, criticism, show-off, fault-finding, complaint against creation, anger, and backbiting.

Goodness of Deeds

·         Ya Allah! Grant me the grace of every task, protect me from its evil and temptation, protect me from the tricks of the devil and the soul, grant me higher and greater intentions in every task. Grant me the highest level of sincerity and purity of intention. Give me Your remembrance with prayers in every work that I do. Apply it with and accept it with Your mercy and grant maximum reward, Ameen.

·         Ya Allah! Every day, in every event, in every situation, on every occasion, please give me the good of the work I am dealing with. I was not worthy to do this, only Your grace has made me do this. I don’t have the knowledge, strength, or wisdom to do this job. Therefore, ya Allah! put honesty and sincerity in this work with Your grace and kindness. Guide me on the straight path. Please grant me all the blessings of religion and the world in this work. Please make me removed from all the temptations, evils and defects that may occur in this work. Give high intentions in this work, remove Satan and my evil-self. Accept it with Your mercy and make it a source of welfare for both the worlds. Ameen

Thankful Obedience

·         Ya Allah! Add us to Your special grateful servants! With Your mercy, perfect our self-purification, reform, conduct, and training, and raise us to the level of ihsaan. Ameen 

Our Lord, give us good in the world and give us good in the afterlife and save us from the punishment of the fire.

Our Lord, accept from us that You are the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing, and prayers and peace be upon His Messenger, his family, and all his companions.