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Self-Care and Wellness

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Better Mental Health Through Self-Care and Monitoring

by   Emily Graham


Great spiritual teachers from many faiths and traditions admonish us not only to love others but to love ourselves as well. There is a simple reason for this; if we are unhealthy in mind and body ourselves, we are unable to love others fully. Therefore, self-care is something we owe not only to ourselves but to others in our lives. 


Science is beginning to understand how our mental and emotional health impacts our physical health. Maintaining a positive outlook as much as possible (virtually none of us manage to do that 100% of the time, and that’s okay) can mean enjoying better or improved physical health as well. Mercy 4 Humanity shares a few tips for improving and maintaining a better psychological and emotional state and overall well-being.


How Are You Today?


The greeting “How are you?” is used in most languages and cultures. Most of the time, it’s a simple courtesy or formality; rarely does this question receive an honest, full answer in social situations, and then, only between intimate friends and acquaintances.


It is nonetheless a question you should ask yourself several times a day, and answer as honestly as you would a physician or therapist. Spiritualist Esther Hicks describes it as the use of the emotional guidance scale. It boils down to monitoring and acknowledging your emotional state in response to external stimuli at any moment and actively choosing better feeling thoughts.  It is not an overnight process. However, with practice, you will be able to better identify your triggers and recalibrate your moods when you feel yourself falling into negative emotions.


Exercise and Diet


Physical health and well-being can have a tremendous impact on one’s psychological and emotional state. Aerobic exercise is an excellent stress reliever, even if it is a simple walk through the park. 


Diet is another important component of mental health.  Foods high in sugar and refined carbs may provide a brief shot of energy and satisfaction, but they invariably lead to a crash afterward. Better choices for a quick pick-me-up are fresh fruit and whole-grain, sugar-free snacks. Taking care of your physical health makes you feel better about yourself, which in turn, impacts other areas in your life.


The Power of Prayer


As a Muslim, the necessity of a vibrant prayer life is a given. As you perform your daily prayers to Allah, you are showing gratitude toward His being and thankfulness for His provision. Be sure to not neglect regular prayers and additional supplications as powerful tools toward achieving improved mental health as your faith grows.




Gardening is one of the most rewarding, fulfilling activities you can do. Not only does it provide a therapeutic escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, but it also offers many physical, mental and emotional benefits as well. Physically, gardening helps to strengthen muscles and bones, as well as increasing your cardiovascular activity. It’s been proven to reduce stress levels and improve overall mood. If you’re a gardening novice, visit Home Garden Hero for the latest tips and advice.


Avoiding Triggers


Once you have identified those things that send you into an emotional tailspin, it’s easier to avoid them.  Often, these triggers are toxic people in our lives. More often, however, it is sensationalized news of tragic events that often do not even affect us personally. Learn to turn away from such stories and appreciate the good in your immediate life.


To help you recover from or avoid potential triggers, work to create a more positive home. Clutter, criticism, and complaining can all be signs of negativity. Take care of the clutter in your home and watch your energy and mindset improve.


Drinking More Tea


Tea has long been associated with relaxation and serenity, so it should come as no surprise that drinking tea can be beneficial for one’s mental health. Regular consumption of tea can help reduce stress, improve focus and concentration, and even enhance mood. Furthermore, certain teas such as chamomile are rich in calming compounds known to help induce relaxation while promoting restful sleep.


Reaching Out


While there are plenty of practical ways to better one’s mental health through self-care, many people find positive benefits in regular individual or group therapy sessions. Working with a therapist can help you make necessary life changes to improve your mental health.


Volunteer for Nonprofit


Once you are on an even keel emotionally, you can keep the positive momentum going by helping others. A good way to do this is to identify a need in your community and volunteer or  establish a nonprofit to help. This may increase positive thinking, concern for humanity and may also bring additional resources from the community.



The most important thing you can do is to care about yourself first. Like physical illness, mental health issues are most easily treated in the early stages. Monitor your own mental state and act quickly when you feel yourself spiraling downward. and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much better your life becomes in general. Try taking steps like improving your diet, exercise, proper rest, learning to garden, increase faith in Allah, be punctual in prayers and draw from the treasures of happiness from Almighty Lord!