People discovering faith

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People discovering faith

How I discovered the true faith!
Hear from a Sister who had discovered a true faith while studying in a college :

I started my journey to Islam as a Christian in search of a much deeper spirituality and connection with Allah.  I left the church after realizing that my spirit and soul were no longer being fed or being nourished by the Bible and what was being taught in the church, I began to see the inconsistencies and contradictions.

So I left and my search began, but strangely, I never ever stopped Praying, but I did stop including Jesus in my prayers.  That type of praying just started fading away.  I knew I was spiritual and believed in Allah, I believed there is a higher power a creator, but I just didn’t know how to reconcile what was in my spirit to a religion.  I had friends who believed in and practiced various forms of paganism.  I knew those were not for me.  I even had people in my life who were Muslim but that didn’t inspire me either.  This was probably because of the way they practiced.  So, I floundered around for several years.

Then I returned to college to work on my AA degree in business.  As designed by Allah, one of my required courses happened to be religion, we studied all of them.  By the time we got around to Islam, which was at the end of the class it was as if a light bulb had flashed inside of my whole being and I realized that Islam was simply “IT” the thing I was missing, the confirmation there is only one God and that is Allah, and I can talk to Him any time and there is a way of life and higher purpose that I was already living in many areas of my life.  At the end of that class, we were to do an oral presentation on what we had learned, I did mine on Islam!  So, my journey to being a Muslim began.  Alhumdulillah, Masha Allah. Allah is great! 

Faith brings peace
Sister found peace and comfort in Quran

Keeping it short and simple but this is my story:

I converted for my husband because I wanted to marry him. Since meeting him, I was interested in the religion and was fine with converting.

There came a time when I had to choose Islam for myself. Once I did, everything I had been struggling began to be easier and I found peace and strength in them (hijab and prayer)As someone with anxiety, whenever I renew my intention and focus on reading, reciting, or listening to the Quran, I always feel at peace and find comfort and strength in it.It always returns my focus in remembrance of Allah.I’ve been a Christian; I’ve considered Buddhism and Hinduism; but none have brought me the peace, the certainty, the light of Islam, because I know this is the true religion, the one given to us by our Creator. I am constantly amazed by how absolutely perfect this religion is because Allah knows us better than we know ourselves!

Ramadan and peace

I was looking for peace and Islam promised me I would find it if I submitted. A few days later, Ramadan started and I was invited to Iftar at a Gambian Mosque. I saw that peace I was promised. I accepted Islam when Ramadan ended. Now Maghrib is my favorite prayer, my 3 rakat of peace!

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