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1.      O my Sustainer! Make me such that I remember You abundantly, that I am ever grateful to You, that I am ever fearful of You, that I am ever submissive to You, that I am ever obedient to You, that I find solace from You alone, that I turn my attention to You alone, and that I turn to You alone.

2.      O my Sustainer! Accept my repentance, wash off my sins, accept my supplication, uphold my proof, make my tongue speak the truth, give guidance to my heart, and remove malice from within my chest.

3.      O Allah! Forgive us, have mercy on us, be pleased with us, admit us into Paradise, save us from the fire, and set right all our affairs.

4.      O Allah! Create love among our hearts, set right our mutual relations, show us the paths of peace, remove us from darkness and [take us] towards light, keep us away from all shameful deeds, be they external or internal, give us blessings in our ears, our eyes, our hearts, our spouses, our progeny, accept our repentance for surely You alone are the acceptor of repentance, the merciful; make us grateful for Your favors [Upon us], make us praise You for Your favors and complete them upon us.

5.      O Allah! I ask You for steadfastness in matters of religion. I ask You for the highest standard of integrity. I ask You for gratitude over Your favors [to me] and excellence in worshipping You. I ask You for an honest tongue, a sound heart and upright character. I ask You for the good which You have knowledge of and I seek Your forgiveness from the sins which You have knowledge of, for surely You alone have knowledge of unseen things.

6.      O Allah! Forgive me for all that I did in the beginning and all that I did at the end, all that I did in secrecy and all that I did in the open, and [forgive me] for all that You are more aware of than myself.

7.      O Allah! Inspire my heart with all that is good for me.

8.      I ask Allah for peace in this world and in the hereafter.


9.      O Allah! I ask You the ability to do good deeds and to abandon evil deeds. [I ask You] love for the poor and that You forgive me and have mercy on me.

I ask You for Your love, the love of the person who loves You, and the love of that deed which would draw me closer to Your love.

10.   O the transformer of the hearts! keep my heart steadfast on your religion.

11.   O Allah! I ask You for good health with strong faith and good character, success which is followed by prosperity and mercy, peace, forgiveness and pleasure from You.

12.   O Allah! Let me derive benefit from the knowledge which You bestowed upon me, and bestow such knowledge upon me which would be beneficial to me.

13.   O Allah! I ask You for bounties which do not end and coolness of eyes which does not end.

14.   O Allah! I ask You for good -all of it- in the present and in the future that which I know of and that which I do not know of.

15.   O Allah! Do not leave any sin of ours without having forgiven it, nor any worry without having removed it, nor any debt without having fulfilled it, nor any needs of this world and the hereafter without having fulfilled them, O the most Merciful of the mercifuls.

16.   O Allah! Assist us in Your remembrance, in expressing gratitude to You and in worshipping You in a most beautiful manner.  Aameen!