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Peace and Happiness

Looking for peace and happiness in your life?

The Holy Qur’an, the complete code of life, is a Divine miracle across  space  and  time.  Hundreds of thousands of people, including small children, have memorized this book from cover  to  cover. Not a single word  or  letter  in  the  Qur’an  has been changed in the last 14 centuries!

The Holy Qur’an mentions facts  regarding the creation of the universe, the embryonic development  of  a  human  being,  the  movement of the sun and the moon in orbit  and  other scientific  facts  which  were  not  known  to mankind at the time of its revelation. This proves that  it  is  a  direct  word  of  God  Almighty,  Who not only has complete knowledge  of  everything, but is the very source of all knowledge.

In God Almighty’s final message to mankind, God reveals the true purpose of life and gives a standard of morality for all of humanity. Those who submit to the Creator according to this book are commanded  to demonstrate honesty, trustworthiness, sincerity, good intention, patience and perseverance, truthfulness, piety  and righteousness,  reliance,  uprightness, steadfastness, motivation for good deeds, obedience, courtesy, mercy, tolerance, diversity, modesty and moderation, simplicity, repentance and forgiveness, selflessness, charity and community service,  supplication  and  devotion, fear of accountability, strong belief and a positive attitude toward humanity. By acting according to these ideals, humans strive  for  complete  success in this world and in the everlasting world in the Hereafter!

The human heart has hidden treasures of extraordinary jewels. If found and  applied, ordinary people on the street can become means of guidance to their communities,  fountains  of light for those lost in the dark, and upholders of justice and mercy, making the world a cradle of learning and illuminating the very nature of the universe with Divine knowledge.