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Noble Vision

Faith-based Life

Worshipping Allah (God Almighty):
Teachings of Islam

1. Whole-hearted submission to Allah and a willing and unconditional surrender to Him and His will. This is the very essence of Faith.

2. Firm conviction that the only sources of guidance and righteousness are Allah’s lastly revealed message (Qur’an) and His final Messenger, Mohammad (peace be upon him) who was the living Qur’an, who translated Allah’s message into action.

3. Purpose of life: Obedience to Allah, seeking His pleasure and persuading others to do good, practice virtue, avoid the bad and refrain from vices.

4. Focus of life: Fear of Allah and concern for the Hereafter.

5. Human being: A combination of body, spirit, intellect, emotions and feelings. He is given the free will to distinguish right from wrong and is held morally responsible for his actions and accountable for his deeds.

6. Human’s duty and status: Servitude to the Lord of the universe and His representation on earth.

7. Excellence and superiority of the spiritual and moral over the material and worldly.

8. Acceptance of the fair, pure, religiously sanctioned, legally allowed and rejection of the unfair, impure, religiously forbidden, and legally disallowed. Cognizance of the clearly defined measures and established principles, and adherence to those measures and practices for the betterment of humanity.

9. The dynamic motives: Belief in Allah’s promise for tomorrow (Hereafter). A passionate love for Paradise, an extreme fear of Hell and a tremendous urge to save the self from it.

10. Traits and characteristics: Simplicity, moderation, modesty, contentment, gratitude, selflessness, well-wishing, sincerity, love, helpfulness, and forgiveness.

11. Thought pattern: “We, for us, and our” as against, “I, mine and for me.”

12. Life graced with piety, purity and modesty.

13. Stability of well-knit family unit for the security of each individual member.

14. The real measure of success: Concern for what is moral and focus on what is in the Hereafter.